The Radical Housewife: Redefining Family Values for the 21st Century has just been named a 2015 USA Book Awards WINNER in the Women’s Issues category!

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“Wise and funny, thoughtful and sometimes cranky, Shannon Drury tells us how she came to realize that feminism is the ideal framework for raising children, instead of the threat perceived by those who promote ‘family values’….take this one to your book club and schedule an extra hour or two for discussion.”  –Mary Ann Grossman, St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Drury is the first to admit that her activism does not solve the ills of the world. Yet through it all, there is one motto that she learns early on and still rings true today: ‘the most important thing a kid can have is a happy parent.’ Even though Drury’s journey is not over, The Radical Housewife offers provocative insights into efforts to create a better world.” –Anita Lock, Story Circle Book Reviews

“[Drury] chronicles the era of Backlash and Bikini Kill with hilarious and uncensored honesty, weaving her activism in NOW with the story of her family. Drury might quake in her Chuck Taylors before stepping up to the podium to give a speech, but she always speaks her mind in these pages, and she doesn’t back down from the complicated and the messy. This admirable and vital memoir weaves research and righteous anger; Radical Housewife manages to be both a testament to courage and a damn good time.”   —Sonya Huber, author of Opa Nobody and Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir

“Feminists don’t hate families; in fact, many feminists are running them. The Radical Housewife: Redefining Family Values for the 21st Century is a frank and fun look at stay-at-home mom Shannon Drury’s journey into grassroots activism and feminist leadership. You could read this during time you would otherwise spend yelling at the large group of conservative men on TV.”   —Erin Matson, feminist organizer, writer and speaker

“With The Radical Housewife, Shannon Drury shares her journey as a stay-at-home mother and activist, filling in a wide gap within the feminist sphere. Drury not only takes the reader through her own feminist awakening and activist career, but also provides a bit of Feminist 101, reviewing the history of US feminism in an easily accessible way. A mixture of unflinching honesty and snarky humor, this book serves as a necessary reminder that mothers are an integral part of the feminist movement, despite not always being recognized as such.”–Avital Norman Nathman, editor of The Good Mother Myth: Redefining Motherhood to Fit Reality








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