MY Book!


The Radical Housewife: Redefining Family Values for the 21st Century begins when a quiet riot grrrl grows up to be the last thing she expected after a childhood listening to “Free to Be…You and Me”: a stay-at-home mom!  But a devastating diagnosis of postpartum depression sparks a renewed interest in feminist politics that leads her to the offices of the Minnesota chapter of the National Organization for Women–where she becomes the first SAHM to serve as state President in the group’s four decade history.

The Radical Housewife, as she nicknames herself in the wilds of MySpace, dives into street actions, political campaigns (both Michele Bachmann and Al Franken make appearances) school curriculum debates, and a serious case of activist burnout before attending the midnight wedding of her BFFs, two women with children whose dream to be included in what we know as American family values inspired much of her activist adventure.

The book has tears, SWAT officers, flame wars, ultrasounds, an unfortunate but inevitable amount of white liberal guilt, measured use of wonky statistics, feminists with no interest in children, moms with no interest in politics, a bemused but supportive husband, and two energetic, sensitive kids who deserve to grow up in a compassionate world.

The Radical Housewife will be published in the auspicious midterm election year of 2014* by Medusa’s Muse Press.




*seriously, I mean it this time