The Radical Housewife has been named WINNER of a 2015 USA Book Award in the Women’s Issues Category!
 The Radical Housewife is Shannon Drury, the AWARD-WINNING feminist mom who started a MySpace blog in 2006 with a silly nickname.


At the March for Women’s Lives, 2004. Devil horns were appropriate during the Dubya years

Why?  Well, why not?

I already felt out of place in my real life worlds: at feminist action meetings as the only one inquiring about child care, and at Mommy & Me groups as the only one insisting that Strongly Worded Letters Should Be Written About This.

I’ve always considered myself a writer, from the years I composed love poems to Duran Duran in blank books to when I was runner-up in Sassy magazine’s 1990 short story contest.  My plan was to write emotionally devastating literary fiction while my placid children napped.  Then I actually had a kid, one with “special needs” no less, and I realized that writing snappy blog posts under a goofball moniker was probably going to be more my style.

Most importantly, “The Radical Housewife” happened because I really hoped that the 22-year-olds from Minnesota NOW who talked me into getting a MySpace account would think it was funny (they did).



 They are in this picture, though not in the stroller (that’s my nephew)

I found that my blog was a great outlet for some of the ragier things that would blow through my mind during trips to Target and preschool.  In 2006, a post I submitted to the Minnesota Women’s Press was printed in their paper, and my part-time freelancing career began.

Since 2007 I’ve had my own column in the magazine, where I write about abortion rights, Madonna vs. Rihanna, activist burnout, grieving lost friends, feminist men, parenting, and other fun stuff.

Since I’m sharing pictures with you, I must whip out this one:



From left: me, HILLARY FUCKIN’ CLINTON, my dear pal Erin Matson, Sen. Al Franken


This blog was named a Top 25 Political Mom Blog by Circle of Moms and one of the 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote by The Stir at, which was pretty nice.

I wrote about Courtney Love  in Bitch, a thrill from which I have not yet recovered.

I’m married to a swell feminist guy and we share a house in Minneapolis with two cats, two kids, four computers, hundreds of vinyl records, thousands of books, millions of Lego pieces and billions of dustbunnies.


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