What happened to the blog?

I retired it. Ten years is a long time to rail against misogynist bullshit, ponder your place in the universe, and embarrass your children.

But your rants against “family values” phonies gave me life!

You’re in luck! I created a collection of my blog’s greatest hits in a book called Diary of a Rad Housewife: Ten Years of Tirades and True Tales. For five bucks you can download 200 pages that will:

  • Destroy the myth of “Mommy Wars”
  • Analyze generations of American housewives, feminist and otherwise
  • Reconsider Sylvia Plath as mother-writer
  • Argue for renaming the ERA the “Sluts’ Rights Amendment”
  • Decide whether you’re too young for shingles or too old for herpes

It’s the perfect guide for modern living!

Do you accept guest posts?

I don’t write MY OWN posts anymore. Why would I publish yours? Get your own site, dummy!

Have you figured out who Pat Johnson is yet?

I’m working on it. My hope is that Pat will contact me before my lawyer contacts her. An apology costs nothing! Litigation, on the other hand….

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