1. Why RADICAL?  Isn’t the National Organization for Women a liberal women’s organization?

You women’s studies majors are awfully hard to please.  Okayokayokay, groups like NOW are concerned with social, legal, and political reform of existing institutions, unlike radical feminists, who seek to dismantle patriarchy completely and start over.  NOW isn’t perfect, but it’s where I’ve chosen to put my money, energy, and time since 2002.

While we’re on the subject, please don’t tell me that NOW is a tool of the Democratic Party.  We endorse candidates on the basis of principles, not parties. If you’re not convinced, ask me what I’d do if I bumped into Collin Peterson during happy hour at the Detroit Lakes Zorbaz.

2. Why HOUSEWIFE? The correct title for a person in your position is “homemaker.”*

Give me a break.

3. What are your identity politics?


I’m a white, Gen X, cis-gendered, middle class, heterosexual, atheist, able-bodied but mentally-addled Midwestern American woman.

4. Aren’t you worried that your children’s privacy is being compromised by their presence on your blog?

My kids are the reason I made the leap from armchair feminist to activist mom-on-the-street: any documentation of my feminist adventures would be incomplete without them.  I read other blogs in which parents use clever nicknames or initials to obscure their kids’ identities, but to be honest, I find this too precious by half.  And I’m lazy.

5. Does this blog make you money?

The million dollar (pun intended) question!  No, I don’t make money through this blog. I have been given free books for review, but that’s it.  I have ad space up via BlogHer, Google Ads, and such, but I have made a commitment to give any ad revenue to one or more of my favorite local nonprofits:

6. Can I write a guest post for you?

NO. A thousand times no. If you want to write a blog post, get your own blog! They’re free! Seriously. GET ONE.

7. You’ve been talking about this book of yours for a long time.  Are you SURE it’s going to be published in 2014? 

I made a promise to my friend Gillie, and if you know Gillie, you know she doesn’t like people who go back on their promises.**

 8. How can I contact you?

theradicalhousewife at gmail dot com



*I have actually been told this

**just kidding, Gillie likes everybody

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