What happened to the blog?

I retired it. Ten years is a long time to rail against misogynist bullshit, ponder your place in the universe, and embarrass your children.

But your rants against “family values” phonies gave me life!

You’re in luck! I created a collection of my blog’s greatest hits in a book called Diary of a Rad Housewife: Ten Years of Tirades and True Tales. For five bucks you can download 200 pages that will:

  • Destroy the myth of “Mommy Wars”
  • Analyze generations of American housewives, feminist and otherwise
  • Reconsider Sylvia Plath as mother-writer
  • Argue for renaming the ERA the “Sluts’ Rights Amendment”
  • Decide whether you’re too young for shingles or too old for herpes

It’s the perfect guide for modern living!

Do you accept guest posts?

I don’t write MY OWN posts anymore. Why would I publish yours? Get your own site, dummy!

Is a heartfelt apology a revolutionary act?

It might be….it just might be.

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