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Farheen needs money!

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

From left: future political star Ami Wazlawik, The Radical Housewife, and current political star Farheen Hakeem photographed at Netroots Minnesota, January 2011

Longtime readers of this blog (before its gorgeous design update by Sarah at One Starry Night) know that I identify myself politically not by party, but as a feminist and a good old fashioned Minnesota LIBERAL.  As such, nothing makes me happier than being able to support a liberal feminist woman in her bid for public office.  This weekend my friend Farheen Hakeem is hoping to raise the $3000 she needs to qualify for state matching funds in her race for a seat in the Minnesota State Senate.  Farheen is one of the smartest, funniest, and coolest people in Minneapolis.  I believe in her and share in her wish to return to a state government that works for people, not corporations.

Important info:

  • Donations for these state matching funds must come from Minnesota residents (out of staters will be hit up later)
  • Donations must be in $50 increments (this is a grassroots fundraising at its grassiest)
  • Farheen doing all this work while fasting for Ramadan, for cryin’ out loud (give what you’d spend on lattes this week, ‘k?)

Neighbors United for Farheen Hakeem  via PayPal


A subcription to HipMama makes a lovely holiday gift

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Have you noticed that all I do lately is either complain about the various politicians pissing me off (Obama, Stupak, wimpy senators named Amy) or ask you for money? Wanna guess which kind of blog post THIS will be?


I just got word from Kerlin Richter, editor of the HipMama print zine, that I’ll have an essay in the upcoming Humor issue, #45 for those keeping score. Remember when I asked you to purchase your own copy of #43, the one that had my piece “On Choosing Water”? You are REALLY going to want to have a copy of this new essay. No soul-searching journeys deep into the nature of family or the lack thereof: this baby is a knee-slapper called “Should Shy People Have Children?” If you want the answer you’ll have to look for it on newsstands soon.

(if you want to revisit my lecture on why zines like HipMama need your financial support, go to this blog post, appropriately entitled “pay up!”)

Those in the icebox that is Minneapolis can jumpstart their frozen cars and get it at Amazon/True Colors or the Seward Co-op. Or you could make things very easy for yourself and order a subscription RIGHT NOW that will commence with the Humor issue! Won’t that be something nice to look forward to after the holiday madness is over?

And really, does your mom need a leopard-print Snuggie? Does your best friend really want that Hello Kitty Sandwich Maker? Wouldn’t they both appreciate the gift of smart, funny writing about alt-parenting? Wouldn’t they be touched by the fact that you are choosing to support independent media?

Perhaps I could interest you in a new membership to Minnesota NOW?

How much money do you have, anyway? Because I want it all.

Thank you.