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What kind of mother would let her child read the local newspaper?



(You can’t see me, but I’m pointing at myself)

See, over in the upper right hand corner of the May 16 edition of the Minneapolis Star Tribune is a commentary titled “Yes, a child might belong at a protest.” I wrote it in a rage on May 14 in response to news that a 10-year-old child at a evening protest in Minneapolis was maced by police and the person being blamed for this event was NOT, in fact, the officer with the mace can but the boy’s mother.

It’s always the mother’s fault, isn’t it? Think about it:

  • Sybrina Fulton killed Trayvon Martin–not George Zimmerman.
  • Samaria Rice killed Tamir Rice–not Officer Timothy Loehmann.
  • Lesley McSpadden killed Michael Brown–not  Officer Darren Wilson.

If these women were 100% PERFECT ALL-AMERICAN GOOD MOTHERS™, their children would be alive. Because in this country, bad things only happen to bad people.

(or to brown or black people, which to many are the same thing.)

As of this writing there are 192 online comments posted, and the vast majority are awful:


Far Left Loon

Some are hilarious:

radical left

Some are bewildering:

Caucasian males

But one made ALL of the crappy ones worthwhile:

Susan Responds
When I told my daughter, the newspaper reader, that the boy’s mom wrote in with a comment, she was very happy for me. “That is so cool,” my 10-year-old protest veteran said, and she hugged me.

I may not be 100% PERFECT but damn, that made me feel like a GOOD MOTHER™.