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Collin Peterson is an embarrassment to Minnesota.

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
…and that’s saying something! At least Michele Bachmann drains resources from folks I wouldn’t hang out with anyway. No one from St Paul has the stones to ask me to pay for her loony mailings and ad buys. John Boehner doesn’t pester me for cash to support Bachmann as she yanks federal funds and programs away from the rural women who desperately need them.
But guess what? Because Collin Peterson is a Democrat, Nancy Pelosi does.

“LOOK EVERYBODY! I think I found a job in that woman’s panties!”
Now that Sarah Jaffe is exposing Peterson’s embarrassing politics on a national level, do you think anyone in the DFL will start taking our complaints about him seriously? Or do we have to wait until there really are jobs discovered in the vaginas of the 7th district and beyond?
Meet the HR3 Ten: Collin Peterson, the Original Blue Dog
by Sarah Jaffe, RH Reality Check