Ten years ago, we marched.


Where were YOU on April 25, 2004?

I was in Washington DC with my mom, my sister, and over a million of my friends.




In case you can’t see me in the crowd, here’s what I looked like ten years ago:




My hair was shorter and my middle was smaller, but I was just as passionate about reproductive justice as I am today.

Actually, I may be even MORE passionate, as almost exactly one year after this picture was taken I gave birth to my second child, a girl. It crushes me a little bit that our massive march didn’t make it possible for Miriam to be born under a Kerry administration, but I do know that day made a difference. As Zoe Nicholson has discussed in her books and speeches (much more eloquently than I ever could), no one who attends a march like this comes away untouched by it.

I can’t wait for the next March for Women’s Lives, whenever it may be, for I know that I will be there with my own daughter. And with my son! And maybe with you and your kids.

Should we start making plans?




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  1. Steph

    Missed that on in 2004, but I was there in 1991 (was that it?)

    Now you’ve got me thinking, what the hell was I doing in April 2004??

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