I wrote a blog post about confidence and you won’t believe what happened next!


Many, many of you weren’t touched by my last post, “My exclusive secrets to self-confidence!” The feedback has been literally underwhelming.

So I looked up Katty Kay and Claire Shipman for some advice. I took a quiz and here’s what I got:

Screenshot (3)


Ha, ha, ha.


surprisedface (2)

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. This morning my therapist sent me a link to an article that she thought was relevant to our session several days ago. ┬áThe article?





And how is YOUR case of the Mondays going?





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  1. Oh no! I guess you have to go by your own sense of self confidence though. If you feel confident then who is to say that you’re not confident enough? Hope your week continues on a better note…

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