Career advice from the Radical Housewife




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If you are morally opposed to gangsta rap and/or Taylor Swift, you should not go into selling or promoting popular music.

If you are morally opposed to the wiping the snot from other people’s faces, you should not look for work in a hospital, an elementary school or a daycare.

If you are morally opposed to the possibility of using lethal force on anther person, you should not seek a career in the military or the police.

If you are morally opposed to toxic chemicals, you should not train to be a manicurist or a decontamination engineer at a nuclear power plant.

If you are morally opposed to eating animals, you should not aspire to be a butcher or as a chef at Outback Steak House.





And finally….

If you are morally opposed to dispensing a legal, FDA-approved medication to a person with a valid prescription, YOU SHOULD NOT BE A PHARMACIST.



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“The Escalating War on Hormonal Contraception,”  the report by Robin Marty that inspired this foray into career counseling, can (AND SHOULD!) be read at Care2.

3 thoughts on “Career advice from the Radical Housewife

  1. Ash

    OH MY GOD THIS. i am a nurse-midwife who constantly encounters issues trying to provide women with full-scope evidence-based healthcare (aka an OBGYN boss who will not “let” us provide patients with compassionate and medically accurate options counseling or even place IUDs in our office). If you are morally opposed to providing comprehensive, legal, evidence-based medical care (or even medical advice!!!) to women – you should not be a women’s health care provider. Period.

    1. Shannon Post author

      Ash, you have my deepest sympathies. I can’t imagine how maddening it would be to work under a boss like that!

      I for one had GREAT care from a team of nurse midwives here in Minneapolis who not only put in an IUD, they took it out and helped me to deliver a post-IUD baby girl! You and your profession have a big fan in me.

  2. ShortWoman

    I’ve been saying this for years! A vegan waitress who refuses to serve meat would get fired, and so should pharmacists who think they can overrule a doctor. We don’t tolerate this in any other industry.


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