Does this binder make me look fat?


It’s Love Your Body Day 2012, everyone!  I’m celebrating by having pizza for lunch and feeling really, really terrible about it.



Ugh….that triangle skirt looks like a slice….  *burp* …. I made sure I had a salad and hummus for dinner.

I wish I loved my body every day.  If I did, I would have vast supplies of psychic energy available to me if I dropped the daily anxiety about my wobbly bits–oh, the things I could accomplish!  Instead, I grow mushier and gushier every year, unlike the Yummy Mummies I see on the newsracks at Target and Cub Foods.  Why is it that I get softer while Madonna, who is also 12 years older than me, gets harder?

I’ve already written truckloads about bodies, body image, and body shame.  Check out these posts for ideas that can be safely chewed on without gastric distress:

  • Perfect diet. (Minnesota Women’s Press, July 2007) In which I reflect on periods when I was quite thin due to some really horrendous circumstances that had nothing whatever to do with health–quite the opposite, actually.
  • The stories bodies tell. (Minnesota Women’s Press, June 2009) In which I admit that I weigh more than I did when I wrote that 2007 column, and how much that irritates me.
  • It’s National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, so let’s talk about it. (February 2011) In which I write a blog post that refers back to the 2009 column that mentions the 2007 column AND a piece I wrote for HipMama many moons ago.

And around and around we go.

It’s like I’m stuck.  Trapped in three cold, metallic rings that are squeezing me, crushing me, HOLDING ME BACK!




Do you feel that way, too?



3 thoughts on “Does this binder make me look fat?

  1. deb

    sigh. yes. but i’m really working on it. i wrote about this a while back, actually posting a picture of my fat roll falling over my pants. it was really liberating to just show the flaws. now i don’t need to hide them anymore! and my daughter is 12. that is a huge motivation to find the courage for body-love. so i am trying…

    and for the record: i imagine going to bed with madonna would be like going to bed with the Tin Man. there’s something to be said for a little softness here and there!

  2. Shannon Post author

    Is it wrong that I am very interested in seeing a picture of your roll?? I bet it looks similar to mine, but I’d think yours is adorable, while I see mine and want to stab it.


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