Standing with Planned Parenthood

…well, most of us were standing.  Some of us were playing Angry Birds Space on the iPod.

If The Radical Housewife: The Blog has been quiet lately, it’s only because the radical housewife, the person ( i.e. me) has been so very, very busy.  In a few days Minnesota NOW is hosting its combined state & regional conference, and I’ve been typing my wrists off in an attempt to publicize it.  But if my six years at the helm of this organization have taught me anything, it’s that the local media doesn’t care much about feminist actions that lack the word “slut” in the title.

(note to self: change conference name to “SLUTFEST 2012,” take phone off hook)

But no amount of press releases could get in the way of last Friday’s annual solidarity event at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood.  We travel across the river every Good Friday to show our support for the clinic’s staff and patients, who must endure the presence of literally busloads of antis that day.

Two years ago,  Minnesota Public Radio News printed my essay on why I bring my family every year.  An excerpt:

Those who oppose abortion demand to know why I would bring my children to a place they consider incompatible with their “family values.”  In reply, I point out that my family reinforces my commitment to reproductive freedom.

As a stay-at-home mom, I experience frustration, exhaustion and anxiety at every turn, and I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m as lucky as Bristol Palin was lucky to have financial and emotional support in place for her to consider parenthood at 17. I’m as lucky as Pam Tebow was to have given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Bristol, Pam, and I are fortunate, indeed……[but] our experiences are ours alone, and cannot be expected to set the standard for every other woman across the globe.  Like other structures and systems, families function best when they develop deliberately.

Speaking of families, here’s an absolutely adorable one, featuring some Minnesota NOW friends.  My preggo tummy wasn’t nearly this cute when I waddled on Good Friday 2005:


I suspect the little girl is grimacing because she knows Elliott and Miriam were the ones who hoovered up the cookies at the volunteer table.  Sorry, kiddo.

This year I allowed Elliott to film a portion of our visit.  Serendipitously, my sister and her daughter arrived to meet us as Elliott filmed.  Now that’s what I call FAMILY VALUES!

Until next year, kids.

If you’re in the Twin Cities area this weekend, don’t forget to stop by SLUTFEST and say hello!


5 thoughts on “Standing with Planned Parenthood

  1. Kathryn Sullivan

    and to think I had worried if today’s young women cared about all the things my generation fought so hard for…….thank you ladies.

  2. Joanie

    I would personally prefer that we stand with the child and stop pp from adopting the normality that if it’s not convient the fetis is not a child! I apples governments involvement into anyone’s body, I also oppose the use of abortion as a Method of birth control. I am the sibling of a rape child. I promote adoption. I believe in a morality that places life above everything else. I desire that people make their own choices. I am indifferent to those that make this choice easy by setting it up as some righteous duty to defend, it is not. I perfer energies and pressures of those who see harm to women and children be placed on our authorities to punish those who prey on innocence. I also hold that society can establish a value system that defines life as right and death as wrong. I cry over all of the possibilities of life and what those lives might have given us had we not discarded them so easily. I hope that some day we can put an end to all pain and suffering. And pray that one of those discarded lives wasn’t the one with the answer!


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