I’m in CNN!

No, not ON CNN.   IN CNN.  As in writer Ashley Strickland’s CNN Living article today, “Mom bloggers take on politics,” featuring comments from your own Radical Housewife herself on politically engaged blogging & parenting.

I’m in the company of Joanne Bamberger of PunditMom, Jaelithe Judy of MOMocrats, and Political Mommentary’s Molly Teichman, the lone conservative in the group.  Strickland acknowledges that there is some “tension” between political mom bloggers, and there is, though not for the reasons you’d think (let’s just say that MY husband doesn’t have a Twitter account for a reason. Hee-hee). My thanks to Ms. Strickland  for inviting my participation.

And for the record, it’s true: I really DO prefer Madonna to Ke$ha.  Hell, I prefer Madonna to Obama!  Can I get an “express yourself” up in here??

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