A rape culture morning

There are some days in which I deeply regret waking up and opening the laptop.  I want to rewind my day completely: unbrew the coffee, uncook the oatmeal, unpack the lunches, unkiss the children goodbye.

Today is one of those days.

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This happened last night.  I’m in shock.  I’m nauseated.  I’m so tense I can barely pry my jaw open for said coffee and oatmeal.

It is honestly killing me that thousands of people would take to the streets to support a man accused of covering up the sexual assault of children.  

These people are mostly college students, the types who are gravely affected by the issues that sparked Occupy Wall Street.  But are they protesting the fact that the hyperinflation of college fees and predatory lending policies mean that their average student loan debt will be well over $20K per person? No.  They are protesting the firing of an 84-year-old man who allegedly conspired to hush up the actions of a serial pedophile.  What the hell is wrong with them?

Add the menacing warning of Herman Cain’s lawyer to those who accuse the powerful of sexual assault and harassment (“THINK TWICE”) and you have a headache that just won’t quit and a strong desire to crawl back into bed, wishing that this day never happened.

Welcome to a rape culture morning, folks.


8 thoughts on “A rape culture morning

  1. shalysr

    the idea irritates me that people my age don’t take time to think about what they are doing and the message they are sending.


    Wrong idea totally lady!! PSU does not tolerate molesters, abusers, or rapists. What Joe Paterno did was tell the truth. Maybe not as swiftly as others would have but he did. No one from PSU would have thought he would bear the blame in this case. Needless to say, he represented MY school and countless others SO I would appreciate you not bash my school and my PSU commnuity. We are no type of “rape culture morning folks!”

    1. Shannon Post author

      Are you serious? “Maybe not as swiftly as others”? How much time do you think the old man needed? Enough to make sure plenty of other kids were raped, right? Good lord, LISTEN to yourself!

    2. Alex

      PSU Student:

      In response to one of his staff members reporting that he saw Sandusky sodomizing a 10 year old child in the shower, Paterno thought it was enough to just tell his superior. He didn’t call the police, he didn’t confront Sandusky, he allowed Sandusky continued access to his locker room and he continued to work with him. In other words, he continued to provide a cover for a rapist to hurt more children.

      Of course he shares in the blame! You claim that he simply “didn’t act as swiftly as some might” is asinine. If someone told me they saw a man raping a boy in the shower, I would call the cops and go to every superior that would listen. If you think that his response was enough, you are lack some basic humanity.

      You would appreciate that people not “bash” your school? Then stop wasting your breath on someone who demonstrated cowardice and a complete lack of good moral judgement. You and your ignorant PSU classmates should be in the streets demanding justice for the Sandusky’s victims, not rioting over a coward that chose to turn a blind-eye to child abuse. The current actions of the majority of your coeds is a slap in the face to the victims and their families and deserves to be bashed my anyone with a conscience.

  3. Diverkat

    “PSU does not tolerate molesters, abusers, or rapists.”

    The facts of this case suggest otherwise. The fact that Paterno, and other higher-ups that were responsible for the ongoing employment of Sandusky allowed him to continue his employment there while in full knowledge of his serial child raping behaviour tacitly confirms that kidfuckers are pretty much safe from any punishment by the PSU administration; that is, until word gets out to the public.

    If you want to be proud of your PSU community, I suggest that you don’t support aiders and abetters of paedophilia. Paterno et al. were exactly that.

  4. Bess

    Joe Paterno, McQueary, and whoever else didn’t make sure that shit was followed up on ALL deserve to be canned. Who sees a kid being raped, then doesn’t MAKE THE FUCK SURE it’s dealt with? Who just tells the coach and their father and then lets it go, when NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE?! I understand McQueary being shocked and frightened and whatever in the moment he witnessed Sandusky raping a child. But later, when he calmed down, he should have MADE THE FUCK SURE someone knew, and if that person, like Joe Paterno, didn’t do shit, then he should have. And Joe Paterno? Sorry, but yeah, he did let it go. He did what he had to do legally, but definitely not ethically or morally. FOR FUCK’S SAKE, we are talking about child rape here, going on for years and years, and Joe had at least SOME knowledge of it. He deserves to get fired, and how.


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