STFU, privileged ones

I admit it: as a mom and a bit (!) of a Facebook junkie, I enjoy the site STFU Parents.  Though I am darkening the door of forty, I am still extremely immature and enjoy a good laugh at someone else’s expense whenever possible.  Happily, I am not so oblivious that I don’t recognize myself in some of the posts, especially the ones that are pointedly labeled “first world problems.”  Why, just last week I whined on my personal FB page:

 Did I get dumber? Or did the school picture order form get exponentially more difficult?

I got more replies to THAT post than about anything related to SlutWalk, let me assure you.* It seems I’m not the only one who finds the process annoying.  Yesterday, though, I got a much-needed real world reality check.  Yesterday, at the urging of a neighborhood supermom, I volunteered to assist in the photo-taking process at Miriam’s school.  I straightened collars, adjusted wobbly headbands, and urged kiddos to sit up straight and smile.  I was taken aback, though, by how many children didn’t have their annoying order forms in their hands.  Some asked if they would still be able to get their pictures taken, and I assured them that everyone, yes everyone would have a chance to be yelled at by the already impatient photographer.  Though the school office put out the word that scholarships for photos would be available, there were far too many children who either didn’t get the message or didn’t snap up available funds in time.  I strongly suspect the latter.

I felt very, very dumb.  Filling out that form have me headache, but not because a 5×7 photo for the Wisconsin grandparents was beyond my family budget.  And my daughter’s school is among the more comfortable in our large urban district.  STFU, indeed.

In the meantime, the fact that President Obama is finally committed to taxing America’s wealthiest individuals and corporations has supply-siders crying into their silk hankies.  Michelle Bachmann calls it “warfare,” but here’s a news flash: the rich declared war on the poor a couple generations ago.  While folks like the Koch brothers pour money into teabag campaigns like hers, ORDINARY FAMILIES CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY SCHOOL PICTURES.  School pictures!

It’s infuriating.  It makes me want to scream “STFU ALREADY!” at the top of my lungs.  It makes me want to make this face:



*Confidential to non-parent readers: thanks to the millions of school photo options now possible with digital technology, the order forms are as challenging to complete properly as 1040s.**

**Confidential to Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, et al: 1040s are the forms we little people use to pay our taxes. You’re welcome.

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  1. Cathy

    Maybe we should all show up at teabagger town halls and just make that face. I feel like making that face right now myself.


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