Strange things are afoot in Minneapolis

Why happening, Prince? Have we offended you? Consider:

Neal Krasnoff has closed up most of his blog, leaving behind only four posts: an “apology” for offending anyone with his SlutWalk rantings, his resignation from local Democratic Party leadership, and two posts from 2008 about…..ME! Read and chuckle along.

The smartest reporter in Minneapolis, Andy Birkey, was named as a co-defendant today in the defamation suit being brought by Bradlee “gays should be jailed and/or executed” Dean against Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. Birkey is the writer who first exposed the links between Dean and local pols, including Tom Emmer and Michele Bachmann. MSNBC calls the suit “baseless.” Duh. I hope the whole mess makes Birkey extremely famous. He deserves it.
Did you ever wonder what kind of feminist you are? Well, a couple of Minneapolis women have figured it out for us (thank goodness!). I guess this was first written last May, but since I get all my information from Amanda Marcotte’s Twitter feed, I didn’t hear about it until yesterday. Now, I enjoy witty stereotyping as much as the next Angry Feminist, but these bitches put me in the Stay at Home Feminist category with Our Lady of GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow. If I see these two munching tots at Grumpy’s, I will douse their filmy Forever 21 dresses with non-organic ketchup, may Betty Friedan forgive me.
FUN FACT! My kids have only two days left of summer camp. Things in Minneapolis are only going to get stranger!

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