She had me at “what kind of fuckery is this? You made me miss the Slick Rick gig.”*

I have always been drawn to women who balance precariously on the thin line between brilliant and crazy–women like Courtney, Judy, Sylvia. Women who embarrass themselves regularly. Women who say things that no one wants to hear. Women who are (to borrow a phrase from Eve Ensler) emotional creatures, yet somehow remain firmly in control of considerable intellectual and artistic power.
But a line that thin can be very hard to straddle. Like everyone who was knocked out by Back to Black, I hoped Amy could wobble her way through, making more brilliant songs for us like “Love is a Losing Game.” NPR played a snippet of that song this afternoon and I started to cry.
*”Me & Mr Jones,” 2006. Watch Amy sing it live here.

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  1. lifeversiontwo says:

    Yep. RIP.

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