An urgent appeal to Minneapolis mayor R.T. Rybak

If every child in Minneapolis were as safe, well-fed, healthy, and appropriately educated as these two little girls, I would support your plan for a new football stadium.

But they’re not. These two girls are the lucky ones.

Consider this: the poverty rate in Minneapolis is 22.6 percent. Hennepin County admits that, within its borders, “on any given night….more than 3000 men, women, children and young adults are homeless.” Minneapolis Public Schools expects a budget deficit of at least $30 million, which will have devastating effects on the district’s already abysmal achievement gap. Recent reports that half of mortgages in the Twin Cities are underwater should tell you that the need for social services will only rise, not lessen, in the decade to come.

Mayor Rybak, please get your priorities in order. The children of Minneapolis need you as their advocate–the Vikings don’t.

Just say NO to public funding for a football stadium.

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