Feminist families have more fun!

If you didn’t know that already, check out this short video, made by the kind folks at The Uptake to make plain the differences between the two groups that gather at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood on Good Friday every year.

Spending the holiday at Planned Parenthood is something of a family tradition, as I wrote last year for MPR News, in a commentary called “A Clash of Family Values outside Highland Park Clinic.” Appropriately enough, the photo that introduces the clip is of MY FAMILY! I’m surrounded by my father, my son, my daughter, my nephew, and my niece. My adorable nephew, Aidan, is the cutie at the end of the clip who very excitedly asks the camera operator if he’s going to be in the newspaper. The internet is better! we tell him! Wooooo!
But my bio-fam is not the only one that comes out on Good Friday. My extended feminist family was also there in great numbers. Sarah Johnston, Hamline student and MN NOW’s fantastic office intern, speaks eloquently at :58, and longtime MN NOW activists Lee Janisch and Linda Green speak at 2:12. Below is a photo of my adoptive mama Barbra, my new big sister Kriss, and a feminist who would make a FABULOUS representative from Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District, Sergeant Daniel Fanning.
THIS is what family values look like!

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