The Radical Housewife on white female privilege

I wrote this in one of the thousands on comments on this subject: “As my profile picture shows, I am white. I wish I knew everything about everyone everywhere, but I don’t. I also wish I knew why humility is so often confused with weakness, and arrogance is equated with intelligence.”
In other words, it helps nobody to deny it. It’s not helpful to splutter away in every corner of the interwebs, “BUT BUT BUT…I’m not racist!…I mean, I have all of Sharon Jones’s records!!” Acknowledging privilege isn’t racist, it’s honest. Being born white confers privilege, and unpacking that privilege is a lifelong process.
This goes for you too, whitey. If a person of color has something to say about the matter, shut your mouth, keep your hands off the keyboard and PAY ATTENTION.

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