Googling TOM HACKBARTH (and other misogynists)

I noticed an unusual amount of traffic on Ye Olde Blogge lately, most of it centered around my November post about Minnesota representative Tom Hackbarth. Remember him? He’s the exurban pro-lifer who was caught packing heat in the parking lot of St. Paul Planned Parenthood, then defended himself by admitting that he was stalking a woman he met online (an alibi that Scott Roeder’s attorney regrets not dreaming up first). Here’s what Tom Hackbarth looks like:

Nothing too interesting there–just the typically smug expression of an entitled white dude, (amirite, Cackle of Rads?). He lacks the clearly cuckoo-bananas visage of alleged murderer and admitted misogynist Jared Loughner. Ahh, I get it now! Journos, looking for a fresh angle on the Loughner story, are digging for stories about other well-armed men who get crabby when women tell them NO.
Loughner: “Its funny….when..they say lets go on a date about 3 times…and they dont…go….”
Hackbarth: “She gave me some line of baloney, and I thought, ‘well, she’s fibbing to me.’ You could tell, and I thought ‘well, I’m going to check it out.’ And I went there to see if she was around and her vehicle was not there. And I was just checking on her.”
When Googlers remembered ol’ Tommy and revisited his case, they found ME! To my delight, my blog post ranks just above Tom’s Wikipedia page on a Google search. At last, I have found how to increase my readership: TOM HACKBARTH! TOM HACKBARTH! TOM HACKBARTH!
Welcome, new readers! I hope you’ll return to my site in the future, as my goal of redefining family values includes exposing what Amanda Marcotte calls “anxious masculinity” and its part in perpetuating violence against …. everybody. Men, remember: this is your problem, too. Three men were killed when Loughner attacked. A man named John Green buried his nine-year-old daughter; other men lost loved ones, too. Sexism hurts everyone. Google that if you don’t believe me.

One thought on “Googling TOM HACKBARTH (and other misogynists)

  1. TaraDharma

    Sexism is hate. Sexist hateful idiots abound — and they can be embodied by women as well (really)! Phyllis Schlafly comes to mind. Anita Bryant. You get the idea. Stepford Wives.

    Good post.


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