Gone rogue? Hardly.

Don’t fret that I’ve been recycling old posts. I may have gone around the bend and back, but rogue? Not yet. I’m working my feminist tail off on a number of wonderful projects, all of which are distracting me from preparing for my son’s poorly-timed tonsillectomy on MLK Day. First up? NETROOTS!

This Saturday, while The Radical Hubby strips the Richfield SuperTarget of its ice cream and pudding, I will be moderating a panel at Netroots Minnesota. The theme? “Feminist Activism in a Gone-Rogue Age,” a concept pitched long before that shooty-killy thing in Arizona (how’s that workin’ out for ya?). The panel description, lifted directly from Netroots Minnesota’s sessions page:
Feminist Activism In A Gone-Rogue Age
2:10-3:00 PM
Sarah Palin once tweeted that feminism was “hijacked by a cackle of rads” who dared question her commitment to women’s rights. Palin has successfully exploited rifts in the feminist movement to her and her party’s advantage. Feminists appear fragmented in their response, rather than a united force for broad-based (pun intended) social change. This panel will lead a brainstorming session on how Minnesota feminists can unify their messages in an increasingly hostile political landscape. Groups such as the Minnesota Family Council. Minnesota Majority, and even the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce are itching to roll back the hard-fought civil rights gains of the last twenty years. It’s going to take some strong and sustained cackling to stop them.
PANELISTS: Shannon Drury, Farheen Hakeem, Ami Wazlawik, Solome Tibebu

I’m very excited to discuss how feminism is a vital part of the larger movement against oppression in all its forms, as well as how the progressive movement still has to work to combat sexism within its own ranks.

WHAT, you say? Progressives can be sexist?! Hell, even some women are sexist. Cackle, cackle, cackle.

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